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Usually, when a person buys diamond rings his/her main focus is only on the diamond and its setting in the ring. But the fact is that the base metal from which the ring is made is also important as much as the diamond, as the base holds it all together. Different metals can be used to make the ring. Each metal from which the ring is made is an indicator of the style of the person who wears it. Finding the right metal to make a diamond ring is as important as the gem stone or the diamond that the ring will hold. Details about different metals which can be used to create diamond rings can be seen in Beverly diamond reviews.

Various options that are available for you to choose the best metal for your ring are described below:


Platinum is a rare as well as a versatile precious metal. Because of its rarity it is seen as a symbol of prestige and quality. One of the features that make platinum the most popular metal for your luxurious jewelry is that it is durable and resistant to tarnishing. Platinum has naturally white luster. This provides more attractiveness for the diamond or any gemstone by providing emphasis for its sparkle and excellence.


Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all precious metals. Other features of gold is that it is resistant to rust, tarnish and corrosion. These features together make gold the most important metal in jewelry making. Because of its high versatility gold has become the most common choice for jewelry.

The gold can be further divided into different variants:

Yellow gold: It is the purest color of all the variant gold colors. The warm look of gold is provided by the combination of pure gold with alloy mixture of silver and copper. Yellow gold is the most popular metal used for wedding and engagement bands.

White Gold: To produce white gold pure gold is combined with metal alloys that are naturally white. The whiteness and durability of white gold is improved by Rhodium plating. The silvery whiteness gives white gold jewelry very pleasant as well as appealing look.

Rose Gold: The beautiful pink hue of rose gold is attained by adding copper to gold. The rose gold is also called Pink gold or Red Gold. The jewelry made in rose gold is much appreciated for the subtlety of its color.

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