Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Phone Services

Internet Phone Service

Cloud-Based Phone Service

Internet phone services or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming widely popular for the enormous number of benefits it offers. However, like any other technology, it has some drawbacks too. Below listed are some of the advantages and disadvantages of internet phone services to help you to understand more about this technology.


When compared to traditional landlines, internet phone service or VoIP has some impressive advantages. Some of them are explained below:

Low Cost

Internet phone services will help you to save a considerable amount on phone charges. Now there is no need for paying separately for data and voice, as both will be available together. VoIP systems will enable you to make calls over the internet; therefore, you will not need a separate landline connection for making calls.

Low Taxes

The governments have not heavily taxed internet phone services as they are being carried over the internet. When compared to your telephone bill which will have quite an amount of tax, VoIP will help you to save a significant amount of money on call charges.


You can use VoIP service from anywhere in the world. When you use internet phone service, calling a person who is thousands of miles away and calling someone on the other end of the town is alike. With VoIP technology, it is possible to make calls from anywhere you go if you have an internet connection.


You can make calls from your computer, smartphone or from an existing landline with VoIP technology. There will be a converter for allowing the use of VoIP service over the regular phone. Some applications that can be installed on your computer or mobile phones will enable you to make internet call from these devices.


Internet phone service has disadvantages too which are listed below:

No Service During a Power Failure

It is not possible to use phones that use VoIP technology when the power is out. Therefore, when there is no power, there is no internet phone service.

Emergency Calls

As the VoIP services include transferring data between two IP addresses, it is not possible to trace the location from which an internet call originated. As a result of this, your location cannot be traced by emergency services in a condition where you can’t talk.


The reliability of internet phone service will depend on the internet connection. Hence, if the internet connection is poor the quality of the call will below.


Security is an important concern associated with internet call as there will be some prominent security issues like identity and service theft, spamming, phishing attacks, denial of service, call tampering, viruses, and malware, etc.

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