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The Brooklyn Bridge is one of America’s most popular suspension bridges situated in NYC. It is a must-visit tourist attraction, especially when on a New York City tour program. Standing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, you can see the skyline of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and many more attractions from the bridge. In fact, the Brooklyn Bridge forms an important part of the history of the borough that it is named after. Below are top 4 fun facts about the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Opening of Brooklyn Bridge Was a Milestone

When it was launched on May 24, 1883, tens of thousands of people crossed the bridge that connects travelers from Brooklyn to Manhattan boroughs. In fact, as per historians, within a day of its opening, more than 200,000 pedestrians strolled through the promenade of bridge. This walking passage was designed by John Roebling to help pedestrians evade traffic and enjoy the towering sights nearby the East River.

Its Construction Involved an Astronomical Cost

According to sources, an estimated cost of construction for Brooklyn Bridge was around $15,000,000. It took 14 years to complete its construction, which started in 1869, and 600 men were employed for the work. Obviously, the economy of the US has changed a lot since the 19th Century period. That explains why it took nearly as much cost to construct a townhouse situated at Columbia Heights in a way it overlooks the promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Animals that Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge

The animals that belonged to Phineas Taylor Barnum’s Circus crossed the bridge in 1884, a year after its opening in New York City. They involved 21 elephants, dozens of camels, and a handful of other animals. This was tested to prove that the suspension bridge was safe enough to withstand that much load occasionally, and also as a part of promotions for Barnum’s Circus, of course.

An Always Attractive National Monument

The United States Department of the Interior acknowledged the Brooklyn Bridge as a National Monument in 1964, owing to its role in encapsulating the nation’s history. Its suspension is owing to the woven steel cables that support the weight of its deck, which was a radical design for its time. While touring New York City, millions of people visit this place each year no matter whether their interests lie in sightseeing or in architectural photography. Even the nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park is worth the visit for waterfront views.

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