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The Louvre museum is one of the most frequented spots in Paris. It has an estimated 9.3 million visitors every year. There is no wonder as the place is home to more than 35,000 items, collections, antiques, and masterpieces. What makes it stand out is the range of exhibits which ranges from the ancient times to the modern periods. Below is a discussion on some of the interesting facts about the museum which you will be able to appreciate during your Louvre museum private tours.

The Biggest Museum in the World

The Louvre museum is the biggest in the world. It is impossible to see all the exhibits in one go as there are 380,000 pieces in whole. However, all the exhibits are not open to the public. The museum also extends to the Musée National Eugene-Delacroix outside the premises of the 16th-century museum. It welcomes more than 15,000 visitors every day out of which 70% are foreigners.

Napoleon and the Louvre

Napoleon once rechristened the Museum to Musée Napoleon while expanding the collection by 5,000 pieces. These were later returned to their correct owners post the downfall of the military leader. Napoleon hung Mona Lisa in his bedroom during his rule. It was also the first time it was hung by anyone.

Musée du Louvre

The Musée du Louvre was not a museum initially. Instead, it was a fortress constructed in 1190. In the 16th century, it was converted to a royal palace. Once the French monarchy shifted to the Palace of Versailles, it was opened for the public when all it had was 537 paintings.

The Mona Lisa

This iconic piece of art also claims to be the most famous in history. People come from all over the world, sometime only to catch a glimpse of this piece of art. Note that Mona Lisa is not a gigantic painting as everyone thinks. It is just 21 x 30 inches, making it larger than an A2 paper. Mona Lisa had its own bodyguards before it was stolen in 1911. It was later returned to Louvre in two years.

Overall, Louvre museum is a treat to the eyes of anyone curious enough to appreciate art and history. Works like Mona Lisa, and many more are the reason why the place has such high popularity. Make sure you do your bit of research before you set out to the place.

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