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Washington DC is mainly known for its neo-classical monuments, historic culture, and political prominence. Any traveler planning to visit the DC may include the amazing museums, gardens, and all in their private tour Washington DC itinerary. However, there are many thrilling and adventurous things as well in the US capital city, which are sure to boost up the excitement level of your trip. With reference to that, one of the main things that you may include in your itinerary is a tour to the best breweries in DC.

Obviously, there will be hardly anyone, who would consider Washington DC as the Mecca for craft beer. Actually, the beer scene here has changed tremendously in the past few years, and now, there are many breweries and beer parlors in almost every nook and cranny of the city. Of course, you will not be able to visit each and every brewery here on your private tour Washington DC. In order to help you out with this, below is a list of the best breweries in the DC where you may booze out.

Bluejacket Brewery

Every brewery in DC has its own unique story, and the Bluejacket brewery is all about creativity and innovation. You can savor beverages of almost every flavor and style at this amazing place. The name of the bar came from the place it stands. Note that the building was actually a part of the Navy Yards Ship and Munitions Complex a few years before. Besides, you will get a beer for every plate that you order at the home restaurant of the Bluejacket brewery.

DC Brau

DC Brau is the first ever packaging brewery of Washington DC since 1956. The most popular beer that you will get here is “The Public”. It is an American variety, which is sure to make you fall for it with a forceful bitter taste followed by the aromas of grapefruit and citrus. Other popular options that you may try here include a Belgian ale, “The Citizen” and an Indian ale “The Corruption”. Note that free tours to this brewery are available on Saturdays. So, talk to your Washington DC tour guide and plan accordingly.

The Right Proper Brewing Company

Located at the historic Shaw neighborhood of DC, the Right Proper Brewing Company is one of the most popular ones here. It was a former local gathering place. In fact, the brewery is situated on the spot where Duke Ellington, the legendary musician learned to perform jazz. The main attraction of the Right Proper Brewing Company is that they source a number of yeast varieties and tend to cultivate their own strains in order to craft the beer. “A Joyful Noise” is the most popular beer here that you cannot miss.

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