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A cup of tea is all that you need if you are amidst the hectic schedule of your tour around Washington’s impressive attractions. Savoring a cup of tea can rejuvenate you and give you a dose of vitality. This is a good alternative to opting for coffee shops or fast food joints to quench your appetite. Luckily, Washington has one of the best collections of teashops, where you can enjoy an excellent variety of teas.

Some of the teashops are so aesthetically pleasing that you can spend a long time there looking out at the street, all the while sipping from your cup. Washington has a thriving tea culture that borrows from the Oriental traditions of enjoying tea and conversing alongside each other. You too could take part in this tradition in the iconic teahouses in Washington, which are listed below.


Teaism has a splendid collection of teas sourced from different regions. You can try out some exotic flavors of tea here, along with their offering of various foods. Teaism serves tea and various eatables for breakfast and afternoons, which you can savor in its lively interiors. It is located in three major areas of Washington: the Dupont Circle, Lafayette Park and the Penn Quarter.

Ching Ching Cha

This Chinese style teahouse is the right place to visit if you want to enjoy fine blends of teas sourced from Japan and China. Located in Georgetown, Ching Ching Cha has a splendid collection of Japanese and Chinese teas along with various desserts. The atmosphere inside Ching Ching Cha has all the elements to give you the comfort and feel of an oriental teahouse.

Capital Teas

If you are interested in trying out out a wide variety of teas and infusions, Capital Teas is the perfect place. It has a huge collection of about 200 premium teas which will surely delight you. There is even a tea-smelling feature inside Capital Teas where you can smell the different varieties and try a sample. Besides, Capital Teas also sells various types of teaware, which you can buy for serving tea.

The Spice & Tea Exchange

Inside the Spice & Tea Exchange is a good selection of teas, along with different herbs, spices, and salts to try out. You can purchase them, and the teahouse has all of their products lined on display. The Spice & Tea Exchange even offers a featured tea for each day, which they make using special ingredients. Located on the Wisconsin Avenue NW, you must definitely visit this one teashop during your Washington DC tour.

Lady Camellia

Lady Camellia is an iconic teashop in Washington where you can enjoy a range of different delicacies besides tea. It has a good selection of afternoon teas along with other offerings like cookies and pastries. The pleasant interiors of Lady Camellia are a great setting for savoring a cup of hot tea and the various refreshments that it has to offer.

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