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Some people on their tours wish to explore places in a totally different way than what travelers do usually. These kinds of people often prefer an element of craziness in their tour so that it would become quite an unusually memorable tour to remember. Visiting the haunted and spooky places is one such thing. If you are into such things, make sure to enjoy the spookiness of the following places during your tours of Washington DC.

Capitol Hill

Now you may think that this is just a popular tourist attraction in DC that every traveler visits. Although that is no denying that, most travelers do not know that this iconic attraction is a haunted place. You can hear your Washington DC tour guide telling the stories of the ghosts of past lawmakers of the House, haunted souls surrounding the Lincoln Conspiracy trials, and curses surrounding the Capitol Hill, etc.

Lafayette Park

Taking a walk along the Lafayette Park, which is otherwise known as the ‘Tragedy Square’, and hearing from your guide about assassinations, duels, crimes of passion, and conspiracy stories, that happened in this historical enclave is sure to give you chills. Some professional Washington DC tour guides will even show you DC road maps of the paranormal activities.

Gadsby’s Tavern

Once a ‘female stranger’ lived in this tavern with her husband, and she died due to some illness. However, her identity was never revealed and her tombstone inscription just reads, “In memory of the female stranger, died October 14, 1816, age 23 years 8 months”. If you go near the tavern, you may sometimes notice that female stranger holding a candle.


Take a Washington DC guided tour through Georgetown’s history, hidden symbols that hold secrets of the neighborhood, and the ghosts that still reside in the place. You can hear dreadful tales of old tragedy and romance, visit the churches, and cemeteries, and of course, the houses that are still haunted.

The Octagon House

This building is known to have not just one ghost, but several ghosts including that of the original owner’s daughter. The story says that the daughter was in love with a British officer, but her father disagreed to it, which lead to an argument with her on the staircase, when the daughter slipped off and died. Visitors here have claimed to have heard screaming and sound of footsteps, as well as experienced mysterious cold spots in the house.

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